Thoughts on the Steve Rinella Survival Kit.

I was in the woods cold and thirsty recently and I realized just how underprepared I really was and how badly things could go if I really got lost or a broken bone. So once I was home and had time I started researching survival kits!

I found one in particular that was very practical and useful for modern situations. It’s a simple kit that can roll up and fit into any day pack and includes simple but extremely useful items. Including a knife a multi tool, paracord, first aid, flashlights, fire starter, bug repellent, fishing kit, snare and I added some items such as water purification tablets and small portable water portation bag. This kit just seems to be a well rounded means of insurance against common things we run into while in nature. For example my boys and I were filming a YouTube video and my youngest son got a hook stuck in his pants. The multi tool made quick work of removing it. Also the boys got cold and the fire starting kit resolved that issue and kept us in the woods longer.

Link to Steve’s Kit List.

The video my of me kids and I testing out Steve Rinella survival kit.

Exploring New Duck Recipes. Duck Jalapeno Poppers are actually amazing.

Hey everyone it’s been a great duck season this year but at some point you have to figure out how to eat them. We (my fiance and myself.) Decided to try and invent our own recipe ideas. After competing Hayley had made a butternut squash duck roast it was very good but I went a little left field and it ended up making a jalapeno cream cheese filled duck popper that would knock your socks off! We both rated it 4 of 5 star it was amazing for duck and a great way to use your duck breast. One side of a breast equals one popper. Aka two poppers per duck.

Step1, butterfly the best thin. So basically just take the breasts put them in a ziploc with salt, pepper, lemon juice, thai sweet sauce and minced garlic. Mix them together then pull out breast.

Step 2, jalapeno chopped,place on breasts, a spoon of cream cheese in breast. Roll it with the duck. Wrap in bacon and then finally

Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes until bacon is perfectly crispy.

Watch our cook-off here

Duck Hunting Public Lakes over Decoys. Double Limit.

Often times waterfowl hunting is overlooked and one of the less common things outdoorsmen pursue in the fall, ironically however; I feel that it’s one of the most fun filled and exciting hunters and leads to some of the best memories of all hunting.

Probably my favorite tactic over the years is one that will work for experienced waterfowl hunters or new hunters. Get a small group of decoys. Find a pond or lake or even river with decent amounts of waterfowl that’s open for hunting and position yourself within range of the decoys, usually 40 yards max if you have a full choke.

Use steel shot most places prohibit lead use for waterfowl hunting for protection of the species. Camouflage is important because these birds have very good eyesight. It doesn’t hurt to bring a duck call although most of the time I don’t believe it changes the birds flight path. Dress warm at least where I am from duck season is usually very cold or rainy.

Let me know your results. Follow us on YouTube and below is a video from our recent hunt.

Podcast: Flair the Farmer gets a Camel! Mullet man First to Ever shoot a Coyote from a Helicopter!

Guys it’s absolutely insane this week at Morgan’s Corner where we give weekly updates on our favorite outdoor YouTube stars.

First we are talking about all Flairs crazy adventures! He buys a Camel, shoots his first buck in his property builds a two acre Pond and an of the grid cabin in the same week!

The Googans are back at it with another great week off videos and where they use LunkersTv the sniper to train the squad and shoot to a thousand yards! The word shart is used in this episode lol!

Watch out for awesome Fossil hunting in Alaska by the Outdoor boys!

Here’s the podcast–Mullet-Man-is-the-first-to-Airgun-a-Pig-from-Helicopter–Outdoor-Boys-and-Fossil-emajfs

Spatchcock Chicken on the Traeger

Split the chicken down the backbone and flatten it out breast side up. This allows for a quicker more even meat. Hayley and I recently made traeger chicken and jalapeno poppers which were amazing

First in a bowl mix

2 tbspn Minced garlic.

4 tbspn Honey

4 Tbspn Teryaki sauce

1 tbspn apple cider vinegar.

2 tsp garlic salt

2tsp pepper.

Mix in a bowl then brush into chicken.

Cook at 350 to 375 for one to two hours until meat reaches safe temperature and continue to brush on throughout cooking. I flip the chicken once during cooking session.

Enjoy and follow us on YouTube or the other social platforms for more outdoor, family and cooking updates.


Trapping Muskrats From A Pond. DIY Muskrat removal.

Hello and thanks for coming over to my site. We recently had a horrible muskrat problem in our pond. They were making tunnels and draining it fast! We needed to remove them and through trial and error I figured out the best method and Im about to tell you how.

First what you will need. A plywood board. A foothold trap. A rope. A weight and some apples.

Tie the rope to the board attached to a weight to anchor board far enough from bank of pondout to keep pets away and safe. Second set trap on board and place chunks of apples in trap ring and around on board. Wait overnight or two days. Rinse and repeat until no more muskrats are trapped.

Need more detail, no worries here is a video to our YouTube channel showing us removing these muskrats. I hope you subscribe

Be careful as trapping can lead to pets getting trapped or injury. Be safe.

A Simple Way to Catch Oregon Crabs on a budget.

A few weeks back my gal Hayley and I decided to take the boys to the coast. We wanted to do some crabbing but do not have a boat or decent crab rings. We do however have these small castable crab nets called crabhawks and we nailed it!

Step one- pick a location on the coast that is saltwater and generally protected from the unprotected waves. Our attempt was from either ocean docks, off rocks or ocean jetties. Gold beach was where we went.

Step Two- Attach your crab catcher to the end of a stiff fishing pole and use 20 to 30 pound test. Place bait on the baitholder. Fish, Chicken or just about any old flesh, stinkier the better will work for catching crab. We found that by placing bait in a ziploc bag it helps keep the crabs on the traps longer and makes your bait last way longer!

Step three check local regs but usually you must keep male crabs and they must be over 5 3/4″ shells. Checking males is easy and there is a measurement stick easily available on Amazon.

Step 4- Cast and wait for what sometimes is a small nibble feeling on the line or just wait a couple minutes and reel in. Sometimes the action is great and sometimes not as much.

You Can purchase the trap and pole and measurement stick on Amazon. Below are two of our videos to help show you how to distinguish males from females and how to measure crabs. The second video shows you how to catch crabs using the crabhawk. Please subscribe to our channel.

Don’t forget guys if you catch some legal keeper size crabs you have to boil them up and try them. The second video shows you just how to make them taste great but it is an expensive and highly delectable treat.

Fish Lake/Willow Lake Oregon Fishing

Recently my family and I went on a fishing trip for the day here in Southern Oregon and had a great time so we figured we should share it with you and give all the tips we know to make your Southern Oregon fishing opportunity the best possible. First off this trip we did was in October of 2020. We headed to fish lake and bank fished off the rocks just down from the parking area, and usually we do really well there but this time it was very slow. We filmed a youtube video and from the drone you could see a lot of weeds in the lake and it was very shallow so my guess is the fish were pocketed somewhere deeper. Anyways our setup was just a free sliding weight, a small 16 to 18 treble hook on about 2 feet of leader with powerbait. We decided to move locations and headed to Willow Lake just outside of Butte falls. There we fished the same method in deeper water but had no luck at all, so tactics changed and we switched to a 6″ senco bass worm. flipped it off the Dam face and immediately caught a largemouth bass and a large yellow perch. One thing I love about Willow lake is the variety of species, there are crappie, bass, perch, bluegill, trout and so far thats all I know of. Hope you enjoy the video of our trip. Take care! and Let me know what you catch.