Oregon Mountain Lion 2018. Hunting tactic that worked!

Late summer 2018 I sat over a small three year old clear cut waiting for a hungry black bear to go after the tasty berries popping off in the open section of Forest. Wind was perfect time was passing quickly and before long I noticed an animal over 6′ long creeping about 120 yards away. He was going after ground squirrels, probably hungry because he killed most of the deer around him. I wasn’t going to pass the opportunity. Soon the bark of a 155 grain bullet whizzing from a new .308 Howa barrel blew through both of the big Tom cats lungs, it wouldn’t be long now and sure enough after a 40 yard struggle downhill the cat found the light.

You never know what your going to find but if the wind is good and small game is around you may Cross paths with this elusive predator. Hunt a lot and the opportunities will follow

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