Oregon/California How to Bowhunt Black Bear Hunt in the late summer! 2018

I’ve killed a couple black bear in Oregon with my bow and both times I was using the same method. You have to find areas with lots of ripe berries once you’ve found the berries look for areas that are thrashed from bear!

Quietly sneak about on logging roads preferably ones that are gated but allowed to have walk in access. Try and keep wind in your favor and you know the old saying, you won’t kill any sitting at home. Get out and try it sooner or later you’ll have a black bruin in your sights or lack of if shooting instinctive like me.

If you want to have more fun in the woods bring a.625 hunting Blowgun like me shoot a couple ground squirrels or house sparrows, maybe a rattle snake

Photos of 2018 bear hunting southern Oregon with a bow. Massive 350+ lb bear 2″ diameter scat!

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