Muskrats Destroying Your Pond? This Will Help You!

Step 1: Buy 110 Conibear Traps,

Step 2: look for tunnels around the edges of your pond set traps so that muskrats going through hole are caught and humanely killed. Check local game regulations first. Make sure trap is wired or staked. A Trap setting tool is recommended. Also make sure no pets are likely to get

caught in the area.

Step 3: Wait and no bait is needed eventually if you set on an active tunnel you will trap the muskrat. Should not have to wait more than three days.

What if there is no tunnel?

Step 1 Buy a #1 1/2 Foothold trap.

Step 2: Look for chewed up plant life in the pond along the shore in Shallow water just deep enough to hide trap. Set the trap and place some of the plant life on trap pad. Stake trap down. Wait 2-5 Days.

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