DIY Ant Control Tips With Nothing But Amazon Products.

I own a small pest control service business in Southern Oregon and I am trying to enlighten customers and do it yourself people that in todays day in age pest control is a service, and not any magic potion or spray that us pest certified technicians have access to that you as a homeowner do not. Truth is that most pest control companies use the same “general use” products that you have access to through sites like amazon or other online retail sites. Make no mistake if you can afford a pest control professional to remove your pest problems it is very simple and effective in exchange for money the pest company provides a service to supply the equipment, apply the proper amount of pesticide sprays or baits at a frequency that will either effectively create a “pest barrier” or remove the current infestation in the home. Most likely the company you hire will not use a spray that you dont have access but rather they know the pest and the steps necessary to properly move.


Step 1. Having an ant problem is usually obvious, you may notice ants crawling on you or your furniture. You may see an ant trail which is the simplest to remove.

Step 2. Methods of control are either pesticide sprays with residual effects, bait or dusts. Im going to simplify it to a couple products that should work for under $100.

Bait- bait is surely the most effective and tried true way to properly deal with most ant infestations, sure there are pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants and more but most will fall for over the counter gel bait. Place baits around ants that are visible within home and if a ant trail is present set along the trail. Allow ants to feed on bait until ants have disappeared although frustrating and maybe not the instant gratification that you wanted by allowing ants to feed on bait they will take the insecticide back to the nest and kill the queen thus leading to termination of the entire colony. I like to follow a baiting with either granular insecticide around home or spray that has residual properties.

Here is a good liquid insecticide for interior and exterior.

Below is a link to a good bait that is not liquid and thus last much longer than the gel baits.


If spraying home as preventative it should be applied bi-monthly or as per label states and apply a “band” spray which is three ft up the exterior and three ft out away from home on ground. This creates a “barrier” that if crossed by crawling insect will cause death to bug.

The only long term solution for ants is to either regularly keep a pest barrier with granules or insecticide spray or individually deal with pest infestations. Keep in mind even when hiring a professional results are temporary unless you pay for a pest maintenance contract which usually offers free call backs between scheduled trips.


Below is a youtube video I made to help show you how to treat a home for ants. Thanks for reading.

Positive Pest Control


Grants Pass, OR



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