DIY Ant Control For Most Ants

Ants are everywhere this time of year and occasionally cause mayhem when getting into your bathroom, kitchen or even indoor plants. I own a small pest control company and would like to share a couple DIY tips you can try before hiring an exterminator.
1. As you probably guessed… Baits- they make gel baits and hard baits both can be effective but typically the gel baits are more accepted by our Rogue Valley ants. Here are a couple of baits available on that I’veliked. The following link is for a nice bait station with hard baits that last much longer than the gel baits do. Ideal for places where liquid baits may dry out or not last long enough. Works for most ant species.

Here is an amazon link to a gel bait that comes in an injection tube that can be applied to cracks and crevices near ant trails and generally they take to this bait very well. Works against pharaoh ants, pavement ants, “piss ants”, and many others.

The reason baits work well is because they take it to the nest to kill the colony whereas most sprays you only kill a tiny percentage of ants and does nothing to control the colony.

2. General use insecticide sprays that have residual properties but are non repelling. Ants can detect most insecticides and will go around the spray without being killed by the residual properties however if you use a non repelling insecticide the ants cannot detect it but when they cross paths with the area it was sprayed they will take it to the nest and die eventually (7-21 days) killing the entire colony. The following link is Dominion 2L follow instructions and there are other equally effective products-do your research.

3. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural dust that can be applied to your crawlspace and is effective against most crawling insects including ants. This is more of a preventative method and works well in preventing future insects from getting under your home. dust can also be applied around ant holes and perimeter if it is not going to be rained on or watered.

Good luck on those ants and if you need a quote hit us up on our facebook page.


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