Cheap Amazon Trail Cameras For Hunting Oregon Outdoors.

Have you ever thought about scouting with a trail camera or wanting to get cool photos of wildlife but you didn’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on expensive game cameras.I will fear no more I’ve been testing the cheap trail cameras made in China that are available on Amazon and cost anywhere from $39 to $69 and surprisingly they work all right now I’m not saying that there is good as the three to $500 cameras and even the cameras that now use satellite signaling to send it right to your cell phone but if you’re worried about them getting stolen then you can buy three of them for around a hundred to a Hundred and twenty bucks. I used to mint green freezing hot weather and most other conditions and from what I found they function fairly well.

the pros of these cheap cameras is well for one if they get stolen or chewed up by a black bear you’re not out more than fifty bucks.they work perfect for scouting the battery life is exceptional lasting up to two to three months with thousands of photos or hundreds of videos. the clarity of the photos is plenty of tailed enough to see the size of the animal what it’s doing in the video is surprisingly high quality probably 480 pixels.most these cameras just run on a standard micro SD or regular SD card the detection footage for my experience is about 30 ft and works about 20 feet away at night most advertised that they work farther out than that but I would say that’s the premium range.from what I’ve seen most the brands are all the same made by the same manufacturer and put different logos on probably ordered wholesale through and then renamed it sold through other companies as a funnel to make money.

The cons… unfortunately since they are cheaper cameras the quality is not as good as some of the more expensive ones the other issue I’ve had is in freezing and moist weather I’ve had the lens fog up it doesn’t typically happen but you do want to try to place the camera in a tree that has some protection from the elements.the straps that these cameras come with come out to the tree are kind of inferior to that of the more expensive cameras. Most these cameras Can only hold up to a 15 GB card and will not handle anything larger.hello are photos of the trail cameras I use an Amazon affiliate link if you purchase from that link it helps us out here at Morgan’s world and we greatly appreciate it.check out the video below that shows me and my family scouting this year in Oregon using these cheap cameras that I’ve talked about.I apologize for any typos but I am using voice to text to write this article because I don’t like writing on a computer but I appreciate your time. Peace!

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