Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lost Creek Lake Oregon.

On a recent adventure with my brother and my wife Haley we traveled to Lost Creek Lake Oregon in search of smallmouth bass. We used a small bass boat not very fancy at all to get across the lake in search of these feisty yellow-eyed Bass. the smallmouth bass is a very aggressive fish that when you find where they’re located can be very fun and easy to catch in plentiful numbers and fight much Superior to its cousin the largemouth bass.we put in at the main boat ramp and headed right to the upstream side of the lake going under the bridge to the no wake zone and then used micro Cinco worms and jigs 2 cast towards the bank and let it drop towards the bottom the fish would typically hit within five seconds of the worm hitting the water on the drop and sometimes on the slow retreave and Dole orange color seem to work well but I’m sure that any setup would be effective.the fish appear to like the rocky Banks and any kind of structure logs boulders or any sort of place for them to hide.a boat is not required but it is advised due to the steep banks in the difficulty of accessing them by foot a kayak or other small craft would be very effective in catching these fish. the best times of the year to fish them is late spring through the entire summer and into the early fall as water temperatures cool in the winter you will have a much more difficult time catching these fish other tactics could include earthworms under a bobber other dates of this sort or pretty much any smaller size bass bait. Mostof the fish in this Lake are stunted and smaller however a couple of three to four pounders have been caught by my brother and family members.if you want to learn more check out our videos on the internet on YouTube at Morgan’s world and subscribe so you don’t miss out on other local opportunities.please show us that this was helpful by giving us a like or share I hope you have a great day on the water peace.

My brother and I doubled up on a couple small mouth.
A smallmouth I caught fishing the exact way I mentioned above.

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