Catching yellow perch by the hundreds and filleting them to a beautiful boneless fish fry Pacific Northwest fishing opportunities

everybody this is Morgan Murphy with Morgan’s world I want to apologize in advance because I’m using voice to text to type this I’m not a very good writer and this is just the best way for me to get a post out to you guys in a timely matter.

John with a perch caught on fly rod.

recently this spring I started hearing some Old-Timers talk about yellow perch and how they were easy to catch but also made really good fish fry material. John my brother mentioned that he caught a few at Willow Lake in Oregon and wasn’t even trying to catch that he was going after largemouth bass.after hearing the stories of people just catching bucket loads of fish I couldn’t wait any longer I decided that I needed to try this out.

So you guessed it all we did was we grabbed a bobber a small hook granite with about 2 feet of leader and just use small pieces of earthworms we went to a rocky shore at Willow Lake in Oregon even though there’s a perch in many of the Cascade mountain range lakes and many other lakes throughout the Pacific Northwest. at first we had very little success we fished for a few minutes didn’t get any bites and I just kept moving around the lake and I finally found the spot where there was some nice Rocky structure right off the shoreline flopped my bobber into the water and the barber went down fish on. Shortly thereafter I had caught five fish within 3 minutes I realized I was onto something.I went back to John and Haley who were at the other spot not catching as many fish and brought them to the pocket of fish we quickly caught over 100 perch! it was unbelievable I couldn’t believe my eyes it’s hard to believe that was nothing more than a small hook and a bobber and some earthworms could catch that many fish and they were fun to they gave a good little fight and it was every cast. We moved around another pocket if caught over 200 first. Day it was absolutely brother John is catching them on a fly rod with small flies and having a blast so there’s multiple opportunities on how you can catch these fish they’re not very picky. this would be the ultimate fish for a young child or a person learning how to fish to catch. once we were done fishing we went to John’s house and started the filleting process and I’m not going to lie it was ridiculously slow and it took forever to fillet those 200 perch I think that we were playing for over two and a half hours we finally got the job done and then we breaded and fried those fish and they tasted absolutely amazing the whole family was drooling and we consumed over 60 in one meal.

One of my many perch! Willow Lake Oregon.

at the end of the day this was a great experience and I highly recommend trying it it’s an easy way to get into that fishing zone and catch a lot of Target fish check the links below to help support us and buy equipment that you might need to go perch fishing from the pole to the setup to the fillet knife to the filet table now don’t feel obligated to buy all this gear I’m sure you can make it happen with just a simple pole a bobber and hook.thank you guys so much for checking out this article if you want to see this experience firsthand check out the video below of us first fishing and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos in tips like this one also don’t forget to listen to the podcast about this perch fishing trip which will be posted below hope you guys have a great season… Peace!

Hayley fishing off the special rock.

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