Hunting bear on public land and loving the meat more than venison.

hey everyone welcome to Morgan’s world I appreciate you checking out my website and if you haven’t checked out our YouTube channel I encourage it we have a video on this hunt will be embedded below along with many other videos on Oregon in the outdoors.

It was opening morning an August day we park the truck at 7 a.m. we hit the trailhead and hiked nearly a mile and a half to a clear-cut that was logged about 2 years ago maybe 4. in these older clear-cuts you’ll notice a lot of berries popping up the berries is what the bear love to eat all fall long it’s a great way to find a lot of wildlife and a lot of black bears and it’s your most likely way to harvest the black bear without the use of bait which is illegal in most western states Haley and I watch the clear-cut for the first hour and a half of light spotted one bear but he ran into the clear thick brush before we could get a shot we kept waiting and eventually hike down the trail even farther when he stumbled upon a bear that was unaware of our whereabouts snuck up within a hundred and eighty yards laid my rifle down in snap I missed him but luckily there’s so many bears around here that my brother and cousin harvested nice bears and gave us some me if you’d like to watch the video check it out I highly recommend a 30 caliber or hilar higher rifle for hunting black bear or a 50-plus pound bow with a nice broadhead use the wind to your advantage.

From what I have noticed they don’t have the best eyesight but they have a very great sense of smell, bears can also hear well but usually don’t get to spooked from sounds because they tend to just think it’s another bear. Western states are a great bet for bear hunting. Although states like Oregon are loaded with bears and you can legally get like three bear per person a year, they are hard to hunt due to method restrictions. Your best bet is waiting in areas that have ripe berries during the fall season.

Checkout our 2020 bear hunting video.

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