Fish Lake/Willow Lake Oregon Fishing

Recently my family and I went on a fishing trip for the day here in Southern Oregon and had a great time so we figured we should share it with you and give all the tips we know to make your Southern Oregon fishing opportunity the best possible. First off this trip we did was in October of 2020. We headed to fish lake and bank fished off the rocks just down from the parking area, and usually we do really well there but this time it was very slow. We filmed a youtube video and from the drone you could see a lot of weeds in the lake and it was very shallow so my guess is the fish were pocketed somewhere deeper. Anyways our setup was just a free sliding weight, a small 16 to 18 treble hook on about 2 feet of leader with powerbait. We decided to move locations and headed to Willow Lake just outside of Butte falls. There we fished the same method in deeper water but had no luck at all, so tactics changed and we switched to a 6″ senco bass worm. flipped it off the Dam face and immediately caught a largemouth bass and a large yellow perch. One thing I love about Willow lake is the variety of species, there are crappie, bass, perch, bluegill, trout and so far thats all I know of. Hope you enjoy the video of our trip. Take care! and Let me know what you catch.

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