A Simple Way to Catch Oregon Crabs on a budget.

A few weeks back my gal Hayley and I decided to take the boys to the coast. We wanted to do some crabbing but do not have a boat or decent crab rings. We do however have these small castable crab nets called crabhawks and we nailed it!

Step one- pick a location on the coast that is saltwater and generally protected from the unprotected waves. Our attempt was from either ocean docks, off rocks or ocean jetties. Gold beach was where we went.

Step Two- Attach your crab catcher to the end of a stiff fishing pole and use 20 to 30 pound test. Place bait on the baitholder. Fish, Chicken or just about any old flesh, stinkier the better will work for catching crab. We found that by placing bait in a ziploc bag it helps keep the crabs on the traps longer and makes your bait last way longer!

Step three check local regs but usually you must keep male crabs and they must be over 5 3/4″ shells. Checking males is easy and there is a measurement stick easily available on Amazon.

Step 4- Cast and wait for what sometimes is a small nibble feeling on the line or just wait a couple minutes and reel in. Sometimes the action is great and sometimes not as much.

You Can purchase the trap and pole and measurement stick on Amazon. Below are two of our videos to help show you how to distinguish males from females and how to measure crabs. The second video shows you how to catch crabs using the crabhawk. Please subscribe to our channel.

Don’t forget guys if you catch some legal keeper size crabs you have to boil them up and try them. The second video shows you just how to make them taste great but it is an expensive and highly delectable treat.

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