Trapping Muskrats From A Pond. DIY Muskrat removal.

Hello and thanks for coming over to my site. We recently had a horrible muskrat problem in our pond. They were making tunnels and draining it fast! We needed to remove them and through trial and error I figured out the best method and Im about to tell you how.

First what you will need. A plywood board. A foothold trap. A rope. A weight and some apples.

Tie the rope to the board attached to a weight to anchor board far enough from bank of pondout to keep pets away and safe. Second set trap on board and place chunks of apples in trap ring and around on board. Wait overnight or two days. Rinse and repeat until no more muskrats are trapped.

Need more detail, no worries here is a video to our YouTube channel showing us removing these muskrats. I hope you subscribe

Be careful as trapping can lead to pets getting trapped or injury. Be safe.

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