Duck Hunting Public Lakes over Decoys. Double Limit.

Often times waterfowl hunting is overlooked and one of the less common things outdoorsmen pursue in the fall, ironically however; I feel that it’s one of the most fun filled and exciting hunters and leads to some of the best memories of all hunting.

Probably my favorite tactic over the years is one that will work for experienced waterfowl hunters or new hunters. Get a small group of decoys. Find a pond or lake or even river with decent amounts of waterfowl that’s open for hunting and position yourself within range of the decoys, usually 40 yards max if you have a full choke.

Use steel shot most places prohibit lead use for waterfowl hunting for protection of the species. Camouflage is important because these birds have very good eyesight. It doesn’t hurt to bring a duck call although most of the time I don’t believe it changes the birds flight path. Dress warm at least where I am from duck season is usually very cold or rainy.

Let me know your results. Follow us on YouTube and below is a video from our recent hunt.

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