Exploring New Duck Recipes. Duck Jalapeno Poppers are actually amazing.

Hey everyone it’s been a great duck season this year but at some point you have to figure out how to eat them. We (my fiance and myself.) Decided to try and invent our own recipe ideas. After competing Hayley had made a butternut squash duck roast it was very good but I went a little left field and it ended up making a jalapeno cream cheese filled duck popper that would knock your socks off! We both rated it 4 of 5 star it was amazing for duck and a great way to use your duck breast. One side of a breast equals one popper. Aka two poppers per duck.

Step1, butterfly the best thin. So basically just take the breasts put them in a ziploc with salt, pepper, lemon juice, thai sweet sauce and minced garlic. Mix them together then pull out breast.

Step 2, jalapeno chopped,place on breasts, a spoon of cream cheese in breast. Roll it with the duck. Wrap in bacon and then finally

Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes until bacon is perfectly crispy.

Watch our cook-off here

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