Thoughts on the Steve Rinella Survival Kit.

I was in the woods cold and thirsty recently and I realized just how underprepared I really was and how badly things could go if I really got lost or a broken bone. So once I was home and had time I started researching survival kits!

I found one in particular that was very practical and useful for modern situations. It’s a simple kit that can roll up and fit into any day pack and includes simple but extremely useful items. Including a knife a multi tool, paracord, first aid, flashlights, fire starter, bug repellent, fishing kit, snare and I added some items such as water purification tablets and small portable water portation bag. This kit just seems to be a well rounded means of insurance against common things we run into while in nature. For example my boys and I were filming a YouTube video and my youngest son got a hook stuck in his pants. The multi tool made quick work of removing it. Also the boys got cold and the fire starting kit resolved that issue and kept us in the woods longer.

Link to Steve’s Kit List.

The video my of me kids and I testing out Steve Rinella survival kit.

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