Catch, Cook and Eat Crawdads Straight From An Oregon Stream!

Hello everybody just wanted to post about a little family adventure we just had where we actually camped along a small creek in Southern Oregon and used a crawdad trap with a dead squirrel that we found as bait. We ended up catching 11 crawdads overnight we washed them off and boiled them in water with old bay seasoning and it was pretty delicious. But don’t take my word for it- if you want to learn more about how to catch crawdads or how to cook them for the table watch the following video I made of our camping trip it shows actual underwater footage of the crawdads going into the trap.


The Best Mole/Gopher Dual Purpose Trap In The World!

I am from Southwest Oregon and test various traps for various pests along with other videos as well. After using these traps for over a year and trapping over 40 moles and 20+ Pocket Gophers with the Gopherhawk trap I can honestly say its my go to trap and by far easier to set and more effective than any other traps I have used.


This is a link where you can purchase your own trap on Amazon. Its an affiliate link meaning i make a few cents commission if you purchase one and every bit helps me put out more content. Thanks so much!


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DIY Ant Control For Most Ants

Ants are everywhere this time of year and occasionally cause mayhem when getting into your bathroom, kitchen or even indoor plants. I own a small pest control company and would like to share a couple DIY tips you can try before hiring an exterminator.
1. As you probably guessed… Baits- they make gel baits and hard baits both can be effective but typically the gel baits are more accepted by our Rogue Valley ants. Here are a couple of baits available on that I’veliked. The following link is for a nice bait station with hard baits that last much longer than the gel baits do. Ideal for places where liquid baits may dry out or not last long enough. Works for most ant species.

Here is an amazon link to a gel bait that comes in an injection tube that can be applied to cracks and crevices near ant trails and generally they take to this bait very well. Works against pharaoh ants, pavement ants, “piss ants”, and many others.

The reason baits work well is because they take it to the nest to kill the colony whereas most sprays you only kill a tiny percentage of ants and does nothing to control the colony.

2. General use insecticide sprays that have residual properties but are non repelling. Ants can detect most insecticides and will go around the spray without being killed by the residual properties however if you use a non repelling insecticide the ants cannot detect it but when they cross paths with the area it was sprayed they will take it to the nest and die eventually (7-21 days) killing the entire colony. The following link is Dominion 2L follow instructions and there are other equally effective products-do your research.

3. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural dust that can be applied to your crawlspace and is effective against most crawling insects including ants. This is more of a preventative method and works well in preventing future insects from getting under your home. dust can also be applied around ant holes and perimeter if it is not going to be rained on or watered.

Good luck on those ants and if you need a quote hit us up on our facebook page.


DIY Ant Control Tips With Nothing But Amazon Products.

I own a small pest control service business in Southern Oregon and I am trying to enlighten customers and do it yourself people that in todays day in age pest control is a service, and not any magic potion or spray that us pest certified technicians have access to that you as a homeowner do not. Truth is that most pest control companies use the same “general use” products that you have access to through sites like amazon or other online retail sites. Make no mistake if you can afford a pest control professional to remove your pest problems it is very simple and effective in exchange for money the pest company provides a service to supply the equipment, apply the proper amount of pesticide sprays or baits at a frequency that will either effectively create a “pest barrier” or remove the current infestation in the home. Most likely the company you hire will not use a spray that you dont have access but rather they know the pest and the steps necessary to properly move.


Step 1. Having an ant problem is usually obvious, you may notice ants crawling on you or your furniture. You may see an ant trail which is the simplest to remove.

Step 2. Methods of control are either pesticide sprays with residual effects, bait or dusts. Im going to simplify it to a couple products that should work for under $100.

Bait- bait is surely the most effective and tried true way to properly deal with most ant infestations, sure there are pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants and more but most will fall for over the counter gel bait. Place baits around ants that are visible within home and if a ant trail is present set along the trail. Allow ants to feed on bait until ants have disappeared although frustrating and maybe not the instant gratification that you wanted by allowing ants to feed on bait they will take the insecticide back to the nest and kill the queen thus leading to termination of the entire colony. I like to follow a baiting with either granular insecticide around home or spray that has residual properties.

Here is a good liquid insecticide for interior and exterior.

Below is a link to a good bait that is not liquid and thus last much longer than the gel baits.


If spraying home as preventative it should be applied bi-monthly or as per label states and apply a “band” spray which is three ft up the exterior and three ft out away from home on ground. This creates a “barrier” that if crossed by crawling insect will cause death to bug.

The only long term solution for ants is to either regularly keep a pest barrier with granules or insecticide spray or individually deal with pest infestations. Keep in mind even when hiring a professional results are temporary unless you pay for a pest maintenance contract which usually offers free call backs between scheduled trips.


Below is a youtube video I made to help show you how to treat a home for ants. Thanks for reading.

Positive Pest Control


Grants Pass, OR



A Fisher In Western Oregon!

I was on a buddies trapline and our first second and third trap sets were empty, but low and behold on the fourth check we found a real wild North American Fisher a truly beautiful animal which due to its dwindling numbers are protected. Luckily the Fishers paw was unharmed and it was released back into the wild. Trappers report their harvest and genuinely help Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife get a better grasp on furbearer popilations. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to help answer.

Muskrats Destroying Your Pond? This Will Help You!

Step 1: Buy 110 Conibear Traps,

Step 2: look for tunnels around the edges of your pond set traps so that muskrats going through hole are caught and humanely killed. Check local game regulations first. Make sure trap is wired or staked. A Trap setting tool is recommended. Also make sure no pets are likely to get

caught in the area.

Step 3: Wait and no bait is needed eventually if you set on an active tunnel you will trap the muskrat. Should not have to wait more than three days.

What if there is no tunnel?

Step 1 Buy a #1 1/2 Foothold trap.

Step 2: Look for chewed up plant life in the pond along the shore in Shallow water just deep enough to hide trap. Set the trap and place some of the plant life on trap pad. Stake trap down. Wait 2-5 Days.

Oregon deer need hunters help. Predator Hunting

Truth is Oregon is feeling impacts on it’s deer herds partially because of habitat, partially because of chronic waste disorder possibly it’s a cycle but certainly predators do their fair share of damage to the prey. Bears eat fawns when convenient and mountain lions are averaging a deer a week! Yes hunters kill some deer but a Hunter is a deer a year and a mountain lion is 50-60 a year! Shoot one cat and you have saved hundreds of deer. Coyotes are another big predator. Do us a favor if your going to hunt deer, elk and other game animals take it upon yourself to do your part and kill predators as well. Hunters are a valuable tool and we need to utilize and understand that.

Good luck

Oregon/California How to Bowhunt Black Bear Hunt in the late summer! 2018

I’ve killed a couple black bear in Oregon with my bow and both times I was using the same method. You have to find areas with lots of ripe berries once you’ve found the berries look for areas that are thrashed from bear!

Quietly sneak about on logging roads preferably ones that are gated but allowed to have walk in access. Try and keep wind in your favor and you know the old saying, you won’t kill any sitting at home. Get out and try it sooner or later you’ll have a black bruin in your sights or lack of if shooting instinctive like me.

If you want to have more fun in the woods bring a.625 hunting Blowgun like me shoot a couple ground squirrels or house sparrows, maybe a rattle snake

Photos of 2018 bear hunting southern Oregon with a bow. Massive 350+ lb bear 2″ diameter scat!

Blowgun Hunting Big Game? Yes it’s happening! Check out this bear hunt.

Tim Wells with relentless pursuit kills many big game animals with his blowgun. Lots of practice and lots of patience. Of course I had to buy a cold steel blowgun and it has taken over. They are a blast for unprotected species and just Target Shooting around home when you don’t have room for guns

What to buy

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun for big game hunting

For small game you can use the standard pointed Darts they run about $14 for 50

You can also buy the razor tip which is recommended for big game.

Lots of practice and soon you will be drilling tacks out to twenty yards. You can get the entire setup for under $50 with a good amount of starter Darts. Watch out it will take over your time!

A group shot from 20 feet