Hayley’s Traeger Smoked Trout

Recipe works for trout, steelhead or salmon. Good for up to four medium sized fillets. The Brine 2 tablespoon, brown sugar 2 tablespoon, honey 2 tablespoon, garlic 2 tablespoon, apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon, worsheshire Half stick butter Rub together in Ziploc or other container and let sit for 2 to 12 hours. Warm traegerContinue reading “Hayley’s Traeger Smoked Trout”

Catch-Clean-Cook BBQ Carp Recipe. Yum! How To Fillet, Season, BBQ

Hope you enjoy this video on carp fishing. They are known as a trash fish that people don’t eat but honestly they taste pretty good. This video shows our first reaction to eating carp and how it came out with a simple recipe on the barbeque. It also shows how I filleted the carp intoContinue reading “Catch-Clean-Cook BBQ Carp Recipe. Yum! How To Fillet, Season, BBQ”

Oregon Carp Fishing Large Carp Caught- Public Lands

Thanks for watching Morgan’s World we enjoy making family adventure videos. This video leads through some ups and downs while fishing for Common Carp and getting skunked the first evening with some heart racing moments to the second day a total success in Catching and releasing 8 of 9 Carp caught. One will be cookedContinue reading “Oregon Carp Fishing Large Carp Caught- Public Lands”