Catch-Clean-Cook BBQ Carp Recipe. Yum! How To Fillet, Season, BBQ

Hope you enjoy this video on carp fishing. They are known as a trash fish that people don’t eat but honestly they taste pretty good. This video shows our first reaction to eating carp and how it came out with a simple recipe on the barbeque. It also shows how I filleted the carp intoContinue reading “Catch-Clean-Cook BBQ Carp Recipe. Yum! How To Fillet, Season, BBQ”

La Croix Sparkling Water Review 6 Flavors Tested Only 1 Wins. Oregon Family Good News Podcast. In this episode we test the flavored sparkling waters that have zero calories, sugars or additives. A very healthy option and tasty in this less news time of Oregon. Thanks for listening and sorry its been a while since our last podcast.